About US

OGG-Logo1Operation Give & Grow (OGG) was founded on the 27TH September, 2007 to continue and crystallize charitable and humanitarian interventions that had been initiated by an Organization known as Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) under the stewardship of its founder Rev. Teresia Wairimu;

Rev. Teresia Wairimu was responding to the unbearable state of despondency being experienced by communities especially in the Kilifi District in Kenya’s Coast Province.


Our Vision

The vision of OGG is to offer ‘Practical Care for humanity’.

Our Mission

OGG’s mission is to reach the disadvantaged and marginalized in our Society with a message of hope by offering practical solutions that will raise their standards of living through humanitarian interventions and capacity building projects.

Our Value Statement

We value the life of every human being and we believe that we have a responsibility towards humanity and as our name implies, when we give of ourselves and our resources towards the growth of others, we inevitably “grow” in every dimension whether we are individuals or corporate bodies.

We believe that we can be facilitators in offering practical solutions to the practical problems that our people are experiencing by strengthening their capacity and thus enabling them to release their potential for a productive quality life.

Our Focus/Objective

OGG’s main focus and objective is to give aid to the disadvantaged and marginalized in society. Our long term goal is to source resources and funding towards fulfilling this goal so as to empower the targeted groups of persons and enable them to be self reliant.

Our Area of Operation

Our current area of focus and scope of activities is currently within the Kilifi District in the Coast Province of Kenya which district has four divisions namely; Kikambala, Vitengeni, Bamba and Ganze but part of our strategic plan is to expand to other counties all over Kenya in the next five years.