Kikambala B

kikambalaThe need for the provision of a home to house the less fortunate children among the Kilifi residents has been highly prioritized by the FEM family.


In this year of double honor, God spoke to a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Mugo, who had had a revelation from God that their land, also in Kilifi, would be used as a tool in the rehabilitation of girls, who had rescued from social injustices, donated three and a half acres, worth fifty million towards this philanthropic cause.


The land comprises of a four bedroom maisonette, all en-suite. The interior is breathtaking, comprising of a fully furnished kitchen, a dining area and sitting area as the couple did not carry their furniture with them. The walls are well decorated with various forms of art and pictures. There is also a television in the sitting area for the children to have a source of information and entertainment. On the outside, there is a swimming pool, which can be a recreational facility for the children in addition to the swing set also available in the back yard of the house. There is a servant’s quarters and a guest house as extensions of the main house, ample space for the children to enjoy the outdoors as the rest of the land is very fertile and facilitates the flourishing of a variety of fruits like bananas and also other crops like cassava. The house is fenced to ensure the occupants have a sense of security.


The space available in each room can hold approximately four double decker beds per room, the house can house close to forty children