Success Stories

Mary Lazaro, a Kikambala resident had to go through the same experiences at a tender age. She had to endure walking long distances to school. Sometimes she failed to attend school as she had to take up the role of mother and father in her family and look for food to feed herself and the rest of her family. Many were the days they went without anything to eat, resulting to headaches and lack of concentration in school. Most of the time she would explain to her teacher that she hadn’t eaten anything, but if had the money, he would have assisted her with just enough to fill her tummy.
OGG identified these two among many others, and supported them till they completed their primary school education. After primary school, OGG identified high schools for them. Mary Lazaro was fortunate enough to attend St.Catherine’s Girls High School. Mrs Margaret Thuku, the deputy principle, says that OGG does a very close on the students. They pay them visits during the academic clinics and have one one on one sessions with their teachers. During the holidays, OGG organizes for the students to attend tuition to help them avoid idleness when they are at home.


Through our current efforts, many young children from less fortunate families have benefited.
Walter Mwangemi, a young Kikambala resident, lost his mother at a tender age. His father, who was to be the family’s bread winner, deserted them and barely checks up on them. Apart from an uncle who paid them occasional visits, it was Walter and his siblings against the world. This made life very difficult for Walter as he had to fend for his siblings, and still make it to school.


Nine months ago, beautiful baby Rehema was rescued from baby smugglers. She was born of a mentally disturbed woman who was living on the streets. Her mother was unaware of the pregnancy and even of the delivery. She was rescued by the OGG Kikambala administrator, Rebecca Mutero. She was dedicated to the Lord on Partners Day,02/08/2015 at Faith Evangelistic Ministries Church, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. Now, two months later, she has achieved every milestone of child growth.