Medical Health Clinic Project / Free Quarterly camps



OGG embarked on a study of the most common problems that affect the residents of Kilifi County and we were able to establish the following:




From our research conducted in 2006/7 Kilifi county did not have a medical centre and the local community usually has to travel almost 8 kilometers to the one near Kilifi town or the one in Mtwapa Town where the nearest medical clinics are. The medical centre called “Kikambala medical Centre” is actually very far from the local community living in Kikambala area.

Our in-depth research also showed that the majority of the local communities in this area who are mainly squatters faced various challenges such as abject poverty, illiteracy, child marriages, including health risks due to poor sanitation, scarcity of water and malnutrition. Malaria, worm infection and scabies are prevalent among these people.

Kikambala is on the Sea Shore and it’s a good place for tourists. As such many people suffer sexually transmitted diseases and they include very small girls who are used for commercial sex. Early pregnancies are common scenarios in the area. We established the top 10 diseases in Kikambala are as follows:-

  1. Malaria
  2. Typhoid
  3. Sexually transmitted infection
  4. Worm infestation
  5. Amoebiasis
  6. Respiratory tract infection
  7. Pneumonia
  8. Scabies
  9. Tuberculosis
  10. Cut wounds

Majority of the population around Kikambala are poor and are unable to access or afford medical treatment from the mainstream private hospitals and government clinics. Poor communication infrastructure is another factor that has contributed to decline in health standards. Another widespread impediment to access health care is the entrenched beliefs in tradition medicine and witchcraft as a source of healing. OGG sought to solve these problems in the short run, by successfully organizing Medical Camps to this area and other affected areas in Kilifi County.


In the Long run, OGG aims to improve the overall livelihoods of the local community in Kilifi District, provide an efficient integrated and high quality health care system and improved access to health care for the community through the establishment a Static Medical Health Centre in Kikambala Area which shall provide free health care and free medical treatment to the poor population in the Kikambala area. It shall also provide a base for free Medical Camps and Mobile Health Clinics within the Kilifi District. The investment required to put up and equip both clinics is USD $600,000.

The purpose of this Static Medical Health Centre and the Mobile Health Clinics is to reduce the Mortality and Morbidity rates. Second, to provide Health Education to the population in that area leading to improved standards of life through provision of desperately needed Health services to the said population. This initiative has also commenced with at Least two to three medical camps held each year .